Spa Treatments

Spa Professional employs orphans, previously unemployed women, and the blind to train as spa therapists, giving those in need a means to support themselves.

With 15 years of experience operating in European and Asian regions Spa Professional provides world-class spa services and all our therapists provide you with these unique spa experiences.

Holistic treatments are provided by internationally trained therapists and by the Spa Professional. We offer unique massages based on many years of experienced and admiration of the Lao culture!

Enjoy deep relaxation and the authentic experience from mindfulness therapists.


This rhythmic oil-free treatment is performed over loose comfortable clothing and uses a gentle series of stretches that opens the body for enhanced mobility.


For this oil treatment is performed by individually skilled professionals and combines both Western and Eastern techniques to create an intuitive treatment just for you.


Blind therapists are known throughout Asia of being gifted with a heightened sense of touch. This treatment is a traditional Lao dry massage performed over loose comfortable clothing. We are proud to support the community of Luang Prabang and The association of the Blind.


Based on principles of Eastern philosophy this relaxing and soothing massage uses gentle to firm pressure techniques that concentrate on harmonizing the physical state of body with the balance of mind and also assist in the release of stress from the joints.


Designed to take our guests to the height of relaxation and relieve stress. The set of spa treatments that suit your desire!

„Let it go“ – 90 mins

  • Start with a stimulating Foot Massage
  • Detoxify & cleanse with a Traditional Lao Massage
  • Continue/Finish with a relaxing Head Massage

„Feel Good“ – 120 mins

  • Purify with cucumber foot scrub & Foot Massage
  • Upper back, Neck and Shoulder Massage
  • Refresh and rejuvenate with Tailor-made Oil Massage

„Pampering“ – 150 mins

  • Foot compression with Asian Marma point foot Reflexology
  • Body scrub of your choice
  • Upper back, Neck and Shoulder Massage
  • In-depth Traditional Lao Massage
  • Finish by relaxing Tailor-made Oil Massage


Traditional Herbal Medicine combined with Astrology can support to recover after health problems, surgeries, accidents and after or before giving birth.

These Remedies help to get back strength and wellbeing.